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Dr. Hollie Neujahr

Dr. Hollie Neujahr is the owner and CEO of N2 Physical Therapy, LLC and the owner and founder of The Sisu Practice. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University Medical Center in 2009. She completed her Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Colorado Denver and Bachelor of Science in Biology and minor in Psychology at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Dr. Neujahr completed her Fellowship in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute, Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist (CMTPT) through Myopain Seminars, and Certified Lymphatic Therapist (CLT) through Norton School of Lymphology, and her TPI Level 1 through the Titleist Performance Institute.


"Breath of Knowledge"

by Amy O.

Without question, I would not be the professional I am today without the influence of Dr. Hollie Neujahr. Her breath of knowledge as a clinician is unmatched and she is able to educate other clinicians (myself included) very effectively. She has improved my ability to think critically and has pushed me to pursue professional excellence at every turn.

"Dedicated Countless Hours"

Cheryl T.

I had the incredible fortune of working for Hollie in 2017 when I was just starting my specialization in pelvic health PT. The mentorship she has provided me over the years is truly priceless and has led me to feel very confident in practicing as a senior specialist in the field. She has dedicated countless hours to coaching me on complex cases and specific manual assessment and treatment skills that were never covered in the APTA or Herman and Wallace courses I’d taken previously. Hollie not only teaches a comprehensive set of hands-on skills; her training also supports an important sensitive approach to patient-PT interaction that sets her students apart from the rest. I honestly don’t think I’d have the confidence or experience to continue advanced practice in this growing specialty were it not for all of the support and specific training I’ve gained from working with Hollie over the years.

"Help's Her Employees Succeed"

Aly P.

Hollie strives to work with individual employees and offer opportunities that will help them grow in the areas that interest them. Whether it be leadership, a certain patient population, or even just providing extra support in areas that are more challenging, she wants to help her employees succeed.